Frequently Asked Questions

What is “theology”?

What does it really mean to study theology? The word theology is made up of two different parts, “theos”, meaning God, and “logia”, from the Greek logos, meaning word. So the literal translation would be to study God’s Word. Anyone who has studied scripture, heard it taught, or participated in a discussion about God was engaged in theology. Many people mistakenly assume the study of theology can only take place in a college or seminary classroom with the goal of obtaining a degree. Every Believer can study theology – and they should.

Studying theology can help us to become more confident in our own beliefs, because theology, at its most basic level and however you approach it, deals with the confirmation of the things we say we believe are true. Too many Believers don’t know why they believe what they believe. Most of us believed what we were told by our parents, teachers, or other authority figures when we were young. As we grew older and stepped out into the world we encountered people who had a variety of different definitions of truth.

The ability to repeat the things we’ve heard doesn’t adequately equip the Believer to accurately represent and defend God’s Word from error or present the Gospel convincingly to the lost.

But, when we’re equipped with an understanding of God’s Word we’re able to gently when possible and forcefully when necessary represent and defend our faith. The best vaccination against error is an understanding of truth. The deception, faulty logic, false choices, straw man arguments, etc. frequently employed by the enemies of Christ all fail when employed against the student of theology who has thoroughly examined the very foundations of their faith.

The most important reason for the study of theology is to bring us to a deeper understanding of and a closer relationship with Our Father.  By doing this we’ll develop a clearer image of who He is, His will for our daily lives, how we can be obedient to that will, and be good stewards of the new life we now have in Christ.


Would this class be right for me?

This class is open for anyone who has a desire to study the scriptures in depth and is willing to commit to the preparation and outside study required to get the most out of it. This will mainly involve some reading outside class and independent study will be encouraged.


Do you need to be a computer expert to be in this class?

Many of the class materials used will be in electronic format and there will be references to multiple online resources. While not required, access to a PC, laptop, or tablet with internet access, email, and a working knowledge of Word, Excel, PDF documents, etc. would be helpful. Some documentation will be posted online and can be viewed or downloaded from the class web site. Power and wireless internet access will be provided for those who would like to use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone in class.


That academic stuff bores me. I come to church to worship.

Do tell. Worship can take many forms – including spending some time and effort in becoming skillful in searching the scriptures to know and understand God’s nature and His will. The study of theology is actually one of the most genuine expressions of worship anyone can do. If we really mean it when we sing “I want to know You Lord” then diligently seeking Him in His Word would seem to be an excellent way to make those words a reality.


When & where does this class meet?

Although weekly class time is based on our normal Sunday School schedule this class will also encourage outside class interaction in the form of preparation for class assignments and discussion. Some individuals may also choose to meet at alternate times and locations to discuss specific questions/topics or to work on specific projects. The class location will be determined by the number of students to accommodate work space, power for laptops/tablets, wireless internet access, etc.


Is there an age limit for this class?

Anyone who’s willing to do the class preparation and participation is welcome. This class could be perfect for a teen who wants to prepare for their future encounter with a comparative religion class, an older person who wants a deeper understanding of the truths they have learned over many years, or anyone in between.


How does someone join this class?

Bring $1,500.00 registration fee in small unmarked bills to class with you in a brown paper bag and give it to Darrell… just kidding. Come to any class and sit in with us to see if you think it’s right for you. If not – then no hard feelings.

You can also contact me anytime with any questions or concerns.

Darrell Williamson